Rommel 1

Dragon North Africa 1942 The Desert Fox “Rommel”


Dragon WWII North Africa 1942 Rommel The Desert Fox 1/6 Scale 12″ Inch Figure
Neo body inside

Product Description

Erwin Rommel is one of the most famous German military commanders of WWII. Born in 1891, he was dubbed the ‘Desert Fox’ for his exploits in North Africa. He led the Deutsches Afrikakorps with great professional skill from 1941 onwards when Italian forces were on the ropes. Despite having minimal forces, the German field marshal succeeded in besieging and capturing Tobruk, (before losing it again) and advancing across North Africa all the way to Egypt. Some of the most important battles of this time were at El Alamein (which he eventually lost) against his nemesis Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. Finally the Afrikakorps was forced to give up the fight in May 1943.

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