This topic comes up from time to time, and I decided it was time for me to change the batteries on these figures.  So here are some pics I took while performing this delicate task of “battery removal”.  A Pot of STRONG Coffee, and a soft padded drop-cloth wouldn’t hurt to get started.


DSC00047 (2) DSC00049 (2)


Hot Toys Action Figures have been known to develop leaking batteries depending upon how much moisture is present where the action figure is stored.  We live in the Desert of “SO CAL” so moisture isn’t a real big concern here.  With that said, we have found the kids toys where the batteries were in there too long after going dead.  The whole compartment was overflowing with corrosive white powdery substance that was just chewing away at the wires and contacts.  The batteries were eaten through, swollen, and just plain nasty!  We used an old toothbrush and baking soda mixed with water (paste) to clean it up.


DSC00050 (2)DSC00051 (2)

The “state of charge” presently in the batteries has alot to do with leaking I think.  Dead or Low batteries should never be left installed in the action figure.

DSC00052 (2)DSC00053 (2)

They will sulfate (turn into white or green powder) all over the entire battery compartment and corrode the metallic parts.  This will certainly lessen the value of your collectible figure, that’s for sure.

DSC00054 (2)DSC00055 (2)

Watch out when you pry open the battery hatch, you can easily chip the paint if your not careful and patient.

DSC00058 (2)DSC00059 (2)

I found out after finishing this neck battery compartment, that the proper way to do it was to pull off the head and neck assembly.  It comes right off, and allows the room you need to open up that hatch.  The plastic pry-bar tool was useful and safe on the painted surfaces.

DSC00060 (2)DSC00061 (2)

One of the screws was so darn tight, I started thinking it would strip the head of the screw, or just snap right in two.  What a disaster that could have become.  Luckily after searching through my screwdriver sets, I found one that did the trick!  These screws are tiny!

DSC00062 (2) DSC00063 (2)

A set of  “jeweler’s screwdrivers” were definitely needed for this job. I got mine at a place called “” where they sell cheap tools and supplies.  They are good for once in a while use, where it makes little sense to invest in professional grade tools like “SNAP-ON”, “MAC”, or “CRAFTSMAN” tools.  Those things are a killer on the paycheck.  Craftsman tools were a good deal a few years back when I did buy tools often.  I don’t know if they still are a good deal these days.

DSC00064 (2)DSC00065 (2)  DSC00066 (2)DSC00067 (2)

I definitely got some  use out of the plastic tool provided, and recommend reading the instruction sheet that came with the figure.

DSC00068 (2) DSC00069 (2)

All done!  Now it’s time to put it all back just the way it came out.

DSC00070 (2)DSC00071 (2)

DSC00072 (2)DSC00073

Look at all these batteries!  Four groups of three, big ones for the back, medium ones for the neck, and lastly the little ones for the arms.


Reassemble- Very Carefully!  Piece of cake!


Wasn’t that difficult to do, and some lessons were learned along the way.

DSC00078DSC00079  DSC00080

I still need to do IRON MONGER, The MARK I, and the MARK VI too.



DSC00081  DSC00082


This is a nice figure.  I liked the suitcase scene in the movie, with WHIPLASH, but it was only used once and the scene was short.




DSC00083  DSC00084DSC00085  DSC00086


Alright, time to take it out of the box.

DSC00087  DSC00088DSC00089  DSC00090


It’s funny to think that this Action Figure has never seen daylight since it left the factory and was packaged.


DSC00091  DSC00092


I used to be a MSIB (mint sealed in box) guy, but slowly after reading about the subject and hearing both sides of the argument,

taking out my investment and seeing up close how detailed and cool it looks, was a much better idea!  Even if it goes right back in the box when I’m finished.


DSC00093  DSC00094


Ok now its battery removal time!


DSC00095  DSC00096DSC00097  DSC00098


if you can’t see well, just click on the pics for a larger view.  Then click your back page arrow to return to this page.



DSC00099  DSC00100DSC00101  DSC00102


You may be able to read the battery part number on these pics.  Just in case you need to buy a replacement battery.


DSC00103  DSC00104

Here’s the Instruction Sheet, it was a useful reference.

DSC00105 DSC00106


This time I popped off the head, and as you can see, it is much easier this way.


DSC00107  DSC00108DSC00109  DSC00110 DSC00111 DSC00112DSC00113  DSC00114DSC00115  DSC00116


Time to do the arms next.  The plastic separator tabs are still installed.


DSC00117  DSC00118DSC00119  DSC00120DSC00121  DSC00122


Here they are, just as before, in groups of three.


DSC00123  DSC00124DSC00125  DSC00126


Pretty cool, I can’t imagine these being assembled and painted probably alot by hand.



DSC00127  DSC00128


I packed the batteries in a plastic bag with the manual, now I just need to check their condition from time to time.


DSC00129  DSC00130


Any sign of a leak, and out they go to the trash bin…


DSC00131  DSC00132DSC00133  DSC00134DSC00135  DSC00136


All packed up, and ready to be put away til next time.


DSC00137  DSC00138

We might as well check this TERMINATOR 600 while we’re at it.

DSC00018 (2) DSC00019 (2) DSC00020 (2) DSC00021 (2) DSC00022 (2) DSC00023 (2) DSC00024 (2) DSC00025 (2) DSC00026 (2) DSC00027 (2) DSC00028 (2) DSC00029 (2) DSC00030 (2) DSC00031 (2) DSC00032 (2) DSC00033 (2)


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