Action Figures of the Axis Forces

How many of you remember the PC’s that were out back then in the mid-1990’s.   I had a 286 with an 11-color monitor (I think).  That thing was top of the line back then, and the PC games, what a howl, all glitchy, blue screens, no hard drive space, no ram, no real video card.  Then we started upgrading our PC’s every three years to keep up with the newest, latest, and greatest.  Now we check out action figures on the net for hours on end.  Who would have thought we would be doing this, not me.  Times sure have changed!

In The Past Toys-German Forces WWII

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I think it was these action figures that caught my attention first when I started to take a look around to see what was happening with the “action figures” hobby.  It seemed to me they would gain value later on as a collectible item.  I had already realized collecting full-size cars was out of the question.  These are small, maybe I can make a go at this?  Before these ITPT figures, it was the GI Joes’ that I checked out.  They were cool at the time. But Collectors were ready for something more!   We have an interest in World History, especially when it comes to the Military Forces from around the world.  There have been so many Armies, and Battles.  All were high stakes, of course, mostly involving the toppling of other governments, fighting for natural resources, or collecting of tax revenues from a newly established colony.  Or something like that.  But at a much simpler level, they were fighting to protect and preserve their way of life, freedom, beliefs, and their families well being.  True Soldiers fought and died following a true code of honor.  Some did not.  Some became Leaders, got a taste of power, and became drunk with it, not knowing any limits, and to the disbelief of the ones around them, would do anything to keep it.  Well, in the end, they all paid for their Evil ways.  Too bad there was so much collateral damage!

Enough beating the drum I think, now back to the reason why we are here, Action Figures!



So these (In The Past) action figures were different, in as much that they were of different people.  Different head sculpts of recognizable soldiers and leaders.  Not all having the same face (or just a few different ones), like GI Joe, Ultimate Soldier, and some off-shoots.  I know that Dragon (DML) was producing action figures with different head sculpt too.  They were personalized, which I think is a great idea.  Then after some thought about the manufacturing process, this must have been a real proverbial “Can-of-Worms” situation.  Once this was started, there would be no going back.  What an an increase in Staff and  tooling must have been needed, not to mention real estate for the factory.  Once Collectors got a taste of quality action figures, with life-like faces, uniforms, and weapons, they were hooked.  I was amazed by the detail that went into the uniforms and accessories.  Just think that people were working hard in back room shops creating these at 1/6 scale!  Man, that must have been a real challenge to sew these clothes, make the boots, jackets, hats, ribbons, and the like.

Research information about the Armies, Branches, Divisions, Companies, Squads, and Soldiers must have become a tremendous task.  Computers and internet wasn’t anything like what it is now.  I remember having a magazine with me to read while I waited for the PC  screen to change websites.  Google couldn’t find anything hardly back then.  It seems books like “Janes” must have been a total necessity to have.


Dragon-German Forces WWII

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Dragon in Dreams (DID) German Forces WWII

I personally like DID products alot.  They do a very good job on their action figures. Their weapons are made real wood and metal too.

PosterHayden Christ 13878


80056d-3 80056d-4 80056d-5 Rommel Rommel1 Rommel2 Rommel3 Rommel4didsteiner1didsteiner2  80042-15 80042-1 Stroop

3R- German Forces

I especially like their 3R product line which unfortunately brings controversy.  To me, this a hobby, heavily inter-wound with History, but still at the end of the day, just a hobby, just a collectible action figure.  Wars always have 2 Forces squaring off against one another, criminals are discovered usually after the war ends.  We stay focused on the hobby, controversy can be found on other sites, those people should go there.

XTD75660 heinrich2gm606-18 heinrich  himmler1_ hitler2 hitlerdsDSC00128 DSC00131  DSC00130DSC00132

3R-Japanese Forces

3r_toshiro mifune_jp610_banner3r-did-dragon-in-dreams-wwii-japanese-army-wwii-major-ito-hirobumi-304-p3R_Japanese Officer_Takao Ito_1   3r-did-dragon-in-dreams-wwii-japanese-army-wwii-major-ito-hirobumi-[3]-304-p 577467878873RSUZUKI   266b4edc    did-japanese602-1 jp602-031730311-3 55557

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The End!


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